Started in May 2003, Chinamine USA has rapidly grown to become the largest sales arm of Chinamine Trading Ltd. outside of Hong Kong. While today it boasts a showroom in the heart of the garment district equipped with a dedicated staff of full time employees, Chinamine USA was once just a woman with her luggage.

For the first few years Chinamine USA was a one-person operation. Carri Barnett would lug suitcases brimming with samples around New York. Carri’s dedication to providing the best customer service as well as her 30 years of design experience garnered the respect and attention of customers and coworkers in the eastern and western hemispheres.

Starting in 2003 she began spending at least a quarter of the year in Hong Kong and China in order to better service the customer and to develop and merchandise seasonal product lines.

While Carri maintains a busy schedule of customer meetings and production follow up, Aimee van Brunt manages the showroom, coordinates our intern program and aids in customer support. Aimee has helped in transforming the office from a typically cluttered design studio to an organized work space, facilitating the design process.



Located in Hong Kong's Kwun Tong district of Kowloon, Chinamine Trading Ltd.’s serves as the sales and merchandising arm of Chinasilk Enterprises. Run by Mr. Bu Ziming, a textile and production specialist, Chinamine’s Hong Kong merchandising and production teams assist in following through from garment inception through bulk production.

In 1993 Chinamine’s Hong Kong branch opened. It has proudly grown from a small room on the 28th floor to spanning the entire story with 60 employees. The office maintains an enormous fabric library well equipped to fill any textile requests. Additionally, it is home to a large array of production garments which showcasing the capabilities and varied factory base of Chinasilk. Staff member work in assisting customers by matching each project to a production facility best suited to the garment’s specific needs and specifications.

Their goal is to make sure each project proceeds with the maximum efficiency for a top-quality result.

The senior and administrative staff offices, a small warehouse, a conference room, and the general work area provide for a quality team environment. This comfortable, modern office buzzes with constant activity – boasting breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island and the Harbor. The Hong Kong office provides a versatile English Speaking staff and the perfect setting for collaboration with overseas designers and production teams.